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[show]==Ninth CenturyEdit==

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Conflict Years Side One Side Two Result
Carolingian Civil War 840 - 843

Imperialist Faction

Divisionist Faction

Treaty of Verdun

War of the Great Heathen Army 865 - 878 Great Heathen Army

East Anglia Mercia Northumbria Wessex

Viking Victory

  • Establishment of Norse kingdoms in England
  • Destruction of Anglo-Saxon nations
Cornwall War 881 - 882



Decisive Norse Victory

  • Norse conquest of Cornwall
  • Establishment of Ragnarr Halfdansson
    as King of Cornwall under Jórvík

 ==Tenth CenturyEdit==

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Conflict Years Side One Side Two Result
English Brother War 900 - 902


Southern Jórvík Cornwall

Co-Belligerents: Anglo-Saxon Rebels

Decisive Victory for Sigfríð

  • Succession of Jórvík solidified
  • Banishment or death of Guðfrið's line
  • Anglo-Saxon rebellion crushed
Æthelwold's War 903 - 906

Æthelwold's Forces East Anglia Southern Jórvík (Wessex) Cornwall

Scotland Irish Allies

Æthelweard's Forces Jórvík Suðreyjar

Jórvík Victory in South

  • Æthelwold's possessions granted to Æthelweard
  • Territorial gains for South Jórvík
  • Conquest of East Anglia
  • Further Anglo-Saxon autonomy

Scottish Victory in North

  • Conquest of The Mairches
  • Partial conquest/vassalage of Strathclyde
  • Norse rule in Dublin overthrown
War of the Alfar 948 - 950

Alfr Ormarsson's Forces Cornwall


Alfr Guðfriðsson's Forces Wessex

Alfr Ormarsson remains king

Strathclyde War 943 - 947

Forces of Eirik Bloodaxe Orkneyjar Cumberland Suðreyjar Dublin

Scotland Strathclyde

Norse Victory

  • De facto end of Scottish
    vassalage of Strathclyde
  • Creation of Jarldom of Suðrland
Carolingian-Capet War 987 -

Carolingian Dynasty

  • [2] Duchy Lorraine
  • [3] County of Vermandois
  • Archbishop of Reims

Supported by: [4] Papal States

[5] Capetian Dynasty

Carolingian Victory

  • Temporary return of Carolingian rule

Eleventh CenturyEdit

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Conflict Years Side One Side Two Result
Danish Conquest of England 1007 -

Jórvík Jomvikings(-1010)

Supported by: Gwynedd Suðreyjar

Anglo-Saxon Forces

Denmark England (1007-) Southern Jórvík Cornwall Jomvikings(1010-)

Decisive Danish Victory
  • Conquest of England
  • North Sea Empire Established
Anlaufr's War 1008 - 1009



  • Northumbria

Mercian Rebels

Supported by: Gwynedd Suðreyjar

Decisive English Victory

  • Rebellion crushed
War of the Jarls 1011 -

England Anglo Saxon Forces

Denmark Danish Forces

Decisive Danish Victory

  • Rebellion crushed
  • Cnut crowned King of England
  • Establishment of North Sea Empire
Battle of Clontarf 23 April 1014

High Kingship of Ireland

  • Dál gCais
  • Munster

Meath  Uí Fiachrach Aidhne Uí Maine Déisi Muman Uí Liatháin Uí Briúin Conmhaícne  Ciarraige Luachra

Suðreyjar Dublin Leinster Orkneyjar Isle of Man Leinster Ulster Ailech Cenél nEógain Cenél Conaill Breifne

Decisive Norse Victory

  • Death of Brian Boru
  • Power of High Kingship broken
First Crisis of the Boroughs 1087 - 1089 Five Boroughs


England Five Boroughs Jórvík

Torksey Repton Djúra-bý

Stamford Djúra-bý Grantebrú  Mercia Hvitserk Jórvík Bamburgh

Decisive English Victory

  • Alfvin restored to Jarldom of the Five Boroughs
  • Hvitserk rebellion crushed
Elmthorp War 1098 - 1100 East Anglia
  • House of Thetford

Stamford Five Boroughs

East Anglia


Defeat of House Thetford

Second Crisis of the Boroughs 1098 - 1100

Five Boroughs East Anglia

  • House of Thetford


East Anglia

  • House of Thetford

Nottingham Leicester Mercia Djúra-bý Repton

Mercia Leicester

Grantebrú East Anglia

East Anglia

Five Boroughs Grantebrú

Five Boroughs East Anglia Stamford Grantebrú Bedford

Five Boroughs

  • Decisive victory for Sigrid Haroldsson
  • Civil war ended

East Anglia

  • Defeat of House Thetford


  • Decisive Mercian defeat
  • Mercian expansion curtailed

Twelfth CenturyEdit

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Conflict Years Side One Side Two Result
Hereford War 1113 - 1114

Gloiuborg Jórvík  Wessex East Anglia

England Mercia Five Boroughs

Victory for Ulf Haroldsson

Saintonge War 1163 - 1166

Kingdom of England

  • Aquitaine
  • Guyenne
  • Brittany


Francia [6] House of Plantagenet

  • Anjou
  • Maine
  • Normandy

[7] House of Lusignan

  • La Marche

[8] Champagne [9] Toulouse [10] Albret Burgundy Alençon Retz

Partial French Victory

  • Treaty of Chinon
  • French vassalage of Aquitaine
  • Loss of Aquitaine for England,
    affirmation of Guyenne and Brittany

Twenty Years' War

1193 - 1213

Kingdom of England

  • Guyenne
  • Brittany

[11] Aquitaine [12] Flanders [13] Boulogne [14] Artois [15] Blois [16] Albret [17] Armagnac [18] Foix [19] Paris Nemours

Francia [20] House of Plantagenet

  • Anjou
  • Maine
  • Normandy

[21] House of Lusignan

  • La Marche

[22] Champagne [23] Vermandois  [24] Hainaut [25] Brabant Jülich

Flemish Victory in Lowlands

  • Cnut recognized as Count of Flanders
  • Territorial gains by Harold the Black Prince
  • House of Blois restored in Boulogne

Decisive French Victory in Francia

  • Angevin conquest of Brittany
  • Partial loss of Guyenne and other territories

English Victory in Britain

  • French occupation repulsed
  • Monarchic concessions to the lendmenn

Thirteenth CenturyEdit

Main article: Thirteenth Century (The Old Boar Suffered)
Conflict Years Side One Side Two Result
War of the Axes 1264 - 1299 House of Jórvík House of Grantebrú
  • Initial Jórvíkist victory leading to Jórvíkist rule over England
  • Final Grantebrian victory
  • Ascension of the House of Oxeborg to English throne
First Flanders-Brabant War

1283 - 1284

Picardy [26] Brabant

[27] Flanders

Brabant Victory

  • Territorial concessions to Brabant
  • Barony of Aalst to Picardy

War of the Limburg Succession

1284 -

[28] Brabant Picardy [29] County of Berg [30] County of Mark [31] Loon [32]Tecklenburg [33] Waldeck [34]Luxembourg [35] Ligny

[36] Flanders [37] Horne [38] Cologne [39] Guelders Guise [40] Montfort

Flemish Victory

  • Flanders inherits Limburg
  • Picardy retains Aalst and additional territory
  • Hugh Montfort gains Amiens
Second Flanders-Brabant War 1292 - 1293

[41] Montfort [42] Flanders [43] Limburg [44] Valois Calais Mantes Beaumont

[45] Brabant Picardy

Flemish Victory

  • Amiens ceded to Montfort
  • Aalst ceded to Flanders
  • Picardy sworn to Sweyn Oxeborg

Fourteenth CenturyEdit

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Conflict Years Side One Side Two Result
Aquitaine Wars 1337 -

Kingdom of England

[47] Navarre [48] Flanders [49] Hainaut [50] Brabant [51] Artois [52] Champagne

Francia [53] Valois [54] Aquitaine [55] Blois [56] Armagnac [57] Paris [58] Vermandois  [59] Bourbon [60] Orléans [61] Auvergne [62] Touraine

Anlaufian War (1337 - 1360); English Victory: Treaty of London Caroline War (1369 - 1382) French Victory: Treaty of Bordeaux