Before The Timeline/Plot Begins Edit

As a fan of these 2 racing animes, this would be very difficult to make in real life. One anime takes place on windy mountain passes, while the other is on a massive interstate with speeds exceeding 300km/h/200mph. But if it were to happen, this is what I theorize the crossover would be like. This timeline has subtle plot points that include referrences to Dreaming Of Akina, a fan story about Bunta's background. Much of the info for vehicles, locations, etc. are from Wangan Midnight & Initial D wikis.

Wangan midnight vs initial d by alalagriffin-d7ztnbb

Promotional art produced before the big anime was to begin airing. Credit to alalagriffin from Deviant Art for the image.

Announcement of the Anime Crossover Edit

On July 2nd, 2007 is announced that a crossover was being planned, with a whole first stage being plotted out. The anime racing world was never so excited as it was that day. Episode 1, the premiere, was to air on July 22nd, 2007 but got delayed and ended up airing August 2nd, 2007 in Japan and August 5th, 2007 in North America.

Plot Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Takumi gets a call from his father Bunta that his Subaru Impreza has a flat tire as he was driving on the Wangan to go see some old friends from his childhood. Takumi, naturally, brings his beloved AE86 with the pedal floored all the way, bringing the spare tire Bunta had left at the shop to make room for the tofu deliveries. As he approaches Tokyo, Takumi remembers he had been cautioned by his father about illegal racing at the Wangan, but he was not expecting what he would see as he started passing by Tokyo. Coming up fast in Takumi's rear view mirror were a impossibly fast Fairlady Z S30Z, which Takumi saw an insane aura coming off of, and a Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 (964) whose driver also had a truly impressive, but slightly fainter Aura. "Those drivers are truly one with their car." Takumi observes as the pair zip past Takumi's AE86, that, even with it's AE101 (AE101 20V Silvertop) (Toyota’s TRD Group A engine, a version of 4AGEU), is only capable of around 200km/h. After zipping past the insanely fast cars stay in Takumi's sight for less than a half a second before vanishing from their sheer speed.

Takumi eventually locates Bunta and the Subaru and, while replacing the tire, asks him if those guys passed by him too. "Yeah, they were like a couple of flashes, and that was it. Truly insane people to do that on a busy interstate." Bunta states. "I could swear one was an old Fairlady Z." Takumi states. "Impossible, that car's from when I was a younger man and I can tell you that stock it only runs around 130 hp. It's max potential is around 300 hp as far as I know. That guy was going at least 300kmh. It's just not possible, plus that old body couldn't take that kind of force." with that Bunta finishes replacing the old tire with the new one, lights a smoke, says goodbye to Takumi, hops in the Subaru and takes off towards his destination. Takumi thinks about what he saw on the (now that he's going the proper speed limit) 3 hour drive all the way back to the Fujiwara Tofu Shop in Shibukawa. Takumi pulls into the tofu shop's driveway tired and goes to bed.

Episode 2 Edit

Takumi and Bunta begin discussing that they now have a new hotel to deliver tofu too, located in Yokohama, that one of Bunta's old Tokyo friends owns and runs. Bunta states he wants Takumi to use the Impreza exclusively so he can get to the hotel before the sunrise. Little does Takumi know, his father Bunta had modified the engine, turbo and exhaust on the Impreza, pushing the horsepower to over 500. Takumi begins to notice the car's incredible mid-high end torque as he gets on the Wangan. As he puts the peddle to the floor, Takumi's enjoyment of the car's insane lunge forward gets interrupted by headlights coming up behind him slowly but steadily. Looking at the speedometer, Takumi realizes he's going nearly 250km/h and climbing; who could be coming up behind him at this speed? Of course there was only 1 possibility; the Fairlady and the Porsche had joined him for his little joy ride. *Night Fever begins playing* Takumi keeps the peddle down deciding these guys aren't getting by that easily, and starts using his careful control of the car to dodge all the traffic all the while approaching 275km/h. The RPM tach hits it's limit but the car keeps accelerating as Takumi won't relent. The Impreza hits it's top speed, approximately 275km/h, all the while the Fairlady and Porsche stay hooked to it's bumper. "These guys have such insane cars, there's no pulling away from them, I can only hope I can keep them behind me and not let them pass. There's also no mistaking it, that IS an old Fairlady Z."

Suddenly, the traffic in this particular area cleared up, opening up the other lanes. Takumi observes as the Fairlady pulls into the nearest-most lane and the Porsche moves into the further-more lane, and both begin passing him! "No way, that's far to fast for any car to accelerate at this speed!" Takumi thinks as both cars lunge forward and race past him. *Night Fever ends*

Arriving at the hotel, Takumi delivered the tofu as he was supposed to. Beginning his trip back, Takumi observed the Ocean and how beautiful the sun rising and moon falling caste their reflections on it.

Episode 3 Edit

Takumi awakes from his sleep and makes his way downstairs where Bunta is, as always, reading a newspaper and having a tea. "Dad, I want to tell you about something. On the Wangan, I was testing the Subaru's performance at the high end, and I was going about 275km/h, when I got passed by those 2 we saw a couple nights ago. They somehow accelerated so fast that they passed me in no time and raced ahead down the road. I don't know how it's possible, but one of them definitely IS an old Fairlady Z." Bunta looks up from his newspaper, sighing, and tells Takumi he's sick of hearing about this alleged Fairlady Z. He says that he's going with Takumi tomorrow night, and if there's no Fairlady then Takumi's going to have to do BOTH deliveries to both hotels in one night. Takumi accepts the challenge, and the two begin discussing other matters before Takumi heads out for a nice relaxing test run down Akina with the AE86, just to keep his skills up.

That night Takumi and Bunta set out, and head onto the Wangan. As Takumi keeps the throttle at the floor, both Fujiwara observe headlights closing the distance. "You'll see when they get ready to pass us dad, one of those sets of headlights IS the Fairlady Z." Bunta observes as they reach the Impreza's top speed, but the taillights don't fall back. "Whatever those cars are, they sure are fast and their drivers sure are dedicated to getting the most performance possible out of their cars." Suddenly, the traffic opens up ahead, and the 2 headlights suddenly zip to the side and the cars begin their impossible acceleration as they race past. "Holy crap, you weren't lying, that IS a Nissan Fairlady Z. But this kind of performance is impossible in general, so how the hell did he get a Nissan Fairlady Z to go THIS insanely fast. Those drivers also have an incredible aura to them. I need a smoke, those guys are serious competition." Bunta proceeds to shakily pull out his pack of smokes and take one, lighting it with his lighter and taking a long drag.

The two Fujiwara deliver the tofu to it's assigned destination well ahead of schedule and begin their trip home. On the way back they discuss what they saw and try and come to a conclusion of how any car, not to mention a Fairlady Z, can make that kind of power.

Episode 4 Edit

Takumi awakens to find a letter on the fridge telling him Bunta went out to do tofu deliveries and go visit his friends in Tokyo again. Takumi heads down to see Itsuki, who's been working on improving his AE85 Levin's racing ability.

Episode 4 To Be Completed ASAP