Western Broadcasting Company, or WBC, and known as Johnson TV (JTV) from 1982 to 1991, is a major television network established in 1968. It is part of the "Big Six" alongside NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and The CW.


In 1968, Johnson formed WBC. In 1994, WBC became the first network to switch to HD television.

Current programming


  • WBC World News with Tom Stephenson (1995-present)
  • Local News (1968-present; name varies between affiliates)
  • The WBC Files (1992-present)
  • Hello World (1973-present)


  • MLB on WBC (MLB on JTV during the Stacker years; 1968-present)
  • Formula E on WBC (2016-present)
  • NASCAR on WBC (1969; 2014-present)
  • NFL on WBC (2015-present)

Animated Series

  • Chocodile's Nonsensical Adventures (2016-present)
  • Transformers: The Great War (2013-present; co-production with Hasbro Studios and Toei Animation)
  • The Chipmunks (1990-present; produced by Bagdasarian Productions and Ruby-Spears 1983-1987, Murakami-Wolf-Swenson 1988 and DiC Entertainment 1988-1990, rescued from NBC)
  • Duckman (premieres fall 2018; continuation)
  • Richie Rich (1993-present)
  • American Dad! (2014-present; rescued from Fox)
  • Family Guy (1999-present)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (1995-present; rescued from ABC)
  • The Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Show (1992-present)
  • The Flintstones (1995-present)
  • The Jetsons (1995-present)
  • The Scooby-Doo Show (1993-present)
  • King of the Hill (2009-present; rescued from Fox)
  • Futurama (2003-present; rescued from Fox)

Hybrid Series (uses both animation, miniature effects, and/or live-action)

  • Monster World (1998-2004; 2015-present)
  • Detective Jenny (1994-2001; 2017-present)
  • Vocaloid (2012-present)
  • WBC's Sgt. Frog (2013-present)
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2013-present)
  • Lucky Star (2013-present)
  • CLANNAD (2016-present)
  • Nichijou (2015-present)
  • K-On! (2016-present)
  • Squid Girl (premieres fall 2018)
  • EarthBound (premieres fall 2018)
  • The Legend of Zelda (2013-present)
  • Mega Man (2013-2017; returns fall 2018)
  • Moesia (2015-present)
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Space War (2017-present; reruns)
  • Pokemon (2006-present; Johnson version)
  • Star Wars: Alternity (2006-present)
  • Sodor High School: Thomas & Friends Tales (2011-present)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (2013-present)
  • The Railway Series (2013-present)


  • The Last Man on Earth (premieres fall 2018; rescued from Fox)
  • Star Pirates (1990-present)
  • War Kingdoms (2007-present)
  • Project Apollo (2014-present)
  • The Reapers (1969-1981; 1992-present)
  • Bertram & Steve (1992-present)
  • The Illuminati (1972-1981; 1992-present)
  • Law & Order (2010-present; rescued from NBC)
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2013-present; rescued from USA)
  • About a Boy (2015-present; rescued from NBC)
  • Bunheads (2014-present; rescued from ABC)
  • Roseanne (1997-present; rescued from ABC)
  • Smash (2014-present; rescued from NBC)
  • Firefly (2016-present; reboot with same production staff)
  • Guiding Light (2009-present; rescued from CBS)
  • As the World Turns (2010-present; rescued from CBS)
  • Elk Cabin (1968-present)
  • The Hatfields (1972-1981; 1992-present)
  • Link's World (1970-1981; 1992-present)
  • Tales from the Rails (1968-2005; 2011-present)
  • America's Funniest Home Videos (2013-present)
  • The Muppet Show (2015-present)

Game Shows

  • Luck o' the Truth (1968-present)
  • The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour (2005-present)
  • The $1,000,000 Pyramid (2009-present)
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (2007-present)
  • Wheel of Fortune (1991-present; rescued from NBC)
  • Jeopardy! (1991-present)
  • California Lottery's Cash Tornado with Ray Combs (1995-present; one of many versions per state)
  • Card Sharks (2002-present)
  • Family Feud (1992-present)
  • The Price is Right (1992-present)
  • The Price is Right $1,000,000 Spectacular (1993-present)
  • Celebrity Family Feud (1993-present)
  • Supermarket Sweep (2005-present)
  • Press Your Luck (2005-present)
  • Let's Make a Deal (2009-present)

Talk Shows

  • The Wayne Knight Show (2005-present)
  • The Steve Harvey Breakfast Hour (2008-present)
  • The Late Shift with Neil Patrick Harris (2008-present)
  • Fireside Chat with Tim Johnson (2011-present)

Documentary Series

  • War Scenarios (1992-present)
  • Kaiju (2001-2004; 2016-present)

Overnight Programming

  • WBC Yule Log (1968-present; only shown on Christmas Eve)
  • Graveyard Shift (2010-present; features preschool shows that have been redubbed and reanimated to be much more violent, raunchy, and realistic)

Former Programs

This list is incomplete.


  • JTV NewsTime (was WBC NewsTime during 1981-1982, 1981-1991)


  • Formula 1 on WBC (2002-2004)
  • NBA on WBC (NBA on JTV during the Stacker years; 1974-1998)

Animated Series

  • The Transformers (1987-1999; produced by Sunbow 1984-1986)
  • Machines of War (1994-1996)

Hybrid Series

  • Azumanga Daioh (2013-2017; subtitled)
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan (2013-2014)


  • EarthBound (1997-2015)
  • The Cool Adventures of Chocodile (1984-1991)
  • The Radicals (1982-1991)