Users on DifferentHistory have many rights, which include:

  • The right to create one sockpuppet if necessary to appeal a ban.
  • The right for a vote to be held on rule violations.
  • The right to appeal a ban.
  • Users' IPs are not to be checked unless at least 3 offenses have been committed. IP Banning can occur once 5 offenses of any sort have been committed. Use of VPNs will result in a ban of those IPs as well, as many times as possible. We do retain the right to contact VPN distributors and get a list of IPs to ban from those distributors.
  • Users may respond as they feel necessary, Use of swearing is discouraged, but no punishments are given. However, there are exceptions to this right. No users may threaten staff and no users may use racist and/or derogatory terms.
  • Duplication is not punishable, this is not Imgur.
  • Users work is not to be deleted unless it is unrelated to the subject at hand (alt history).

Users' rights may be changed depending on the need for changes. Rights may be added or taken depending upon circumstances. Rights differ from freedoms on the Wiki and on wikia in general, in that rights (especially ones listed here) are not to be violated at any time.