Name- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Gibraltar
Local name- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Gibraltar
Timeline: A better world (TL)
OTL location: England, Wales and the Rock of Gibraltar.
120px 80px
Flag . CoA .
Capital Oxford.
Largest CityLondon.
Other major settlements Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool,  Runcorn, Wiggan, Gateshead, Coventry, Manchester, Sheffield, Stoke-on Trent, Birkenhead, Bradford, Newport (Gwent),  Warrington, Basildon, Milton Keynes, Wolverhampton, Doncaster, Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, Brighton, Salford and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Languages 96.5%. English (66% English in local dialects like Geordie, ect,), 10% Dutch, 2.4% Welsh, 1.2% Scots dialect, 0.1% Bengali, 0.1% Sinhalis, 0.1% Urdu, 0.1% Irish Gaelic, 0.1% Cantoniese, 0.1% Cornish, 0.1% Ulster Scots, 0.1% Hindi, 0.1% Cornish and 0.1% Scots Gaelic; plus some Gibraltarian English, Portugues, Moroccan Arabic and Granardan Spanish, mostly in Gibraltar. Many are bilingual in Dutch, Welsh and\or English.
Leader Queen Elizabeth II.
Deputy Leader Prime Minister (in perpetua) Caroline Lucas.
Head of parliament Speaker of the House John Bercow.
Type of regime  Constitutional monarchy.
Name of national legislature Parlement.
Area .
Population 65,500,000.
Number of international airports 10.
Number of major ports 8.
State de facto formed .
De facto Independence date .
Independence de jure reconised on .
Currency Pound Sterling (GBP or £).
Motto "Rule Britannia", "God Save the King\Queen", "Montis Insignia Calpe" (Latin)\ "Badge of the Rock of Gibraltar", "Cymru am byth" (Welsh)\ "Wales Forever" or "Long live Wales", "Onen hag oll" (Cornish)\ "One and all"
Imports: .
Exports: .
Demonym Briton or British.
Anthem  "God Save the King\Queen", "Gibraltar Anthem", "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" (Welsh)\ "Land of My Fathers" .
Ethnic groups .
Internet TLD: .
Highest mountain: .
Calling code: .
Number of military personnel: 157,000.
% Literacy: 99.5%.
Drives on the:Left.
National sport:Football, cricket, snooker, dart and Rugby.
National debt: Owed £22.45bn.
GDP per capita (PPP): .
% Interest rates:.
% Inflation rates:.
Life expectancy in years:75.
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London from Primrose Hill May 2013

London from Primrose Hill.

London, United Kingdom

Satellite view of inner London (2010).

Wrecsam kingsmill

The King's Mill, Wrexham.

Newport docks, from the Transporter Bridge

Newport Docks, in Gwent, South Wales.


Hexham railway station.

465020 at Waterloo East

A Connex South Eastern ex-British Rail Class 465 unit No. 465020 at Waterloo East railway station in January 2013.



Since the brief American border war of 1863 against Canada, Louisiana and Great Britain, the United States of America has not been involved in international conflicts, keeping a neutrality policy until the Anti-Hitlerian War.




The Anti-Serbia War (1914-1918)

Due to the war in Europe covering less nations than in real life due to no fighting on the Western Front (Germany did not invade France or the low Countries) the US made less profit from the post-war reconstruction. Anglo-French trade with Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the major colonies like Queensland and New Caledonia was not disrupted by war or displaced by post-war American trade deals. America's economy thus grew a lot slower during 1918 to 1925 than in reality.

The inter-war years

Russian Revolution (1917-1924)

The Great Depression (1929-1940)

The Great East Asia War (1931-1946)

The Anti-Hitlerian War (1939-1946)



Brazilian forces fought in Italy and the Austrian Tyrol. A combined British, Brazilian, New Englander and American force took Innsbruck in early 1946, prompting alpine Austria's surrender. 



Cold War


Korean War .

Aden Emergency .

Malaya Crisis .

As America began to decline, invert, turn on itself and  implode under President Richard Nixon the UK would intime pick up most of the millatery, political, ecanomic and diplomatic losses and slackness they left behind in the western world. The crisis was bad in the mid 1970's, but had been had cured by the late 1990s. 




Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK and Frisia singed the 1992 Four Nations Free Trade Treaty in 1992.

Life today

The UK gaive Scotland independence in late 2014 after a Scottish referendum favoured this 6 months earlier.

UKIP radicals, Anti-peace process Irish Republicans, Fascists, the EDL and Islamic radicals are the main threats to the nation and have been related to several bombings and killings since 2001.

Fighting in Syria

Many Western nations hate ISIS and Islamist movements in general.

Turkey, the USA, Texas, the UK and Prussia dropped respectively 8, 10, 15, 12 and 8 BLU-109/B (filled with 530 lb (240 kg) of Tritonal) bombs on ISIS forces in Al-Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Fallujah, Ar-Rubta and Hīt on May 1st 2015 and 2016. It caused heavy, but not strategically fatal losses.


England is the largest, most populous, and most densely populated of the constituent nations of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Gibralta. Given its dominance and leading role in the establishment of the British Empire, many times England and the English are used as synonym of Great Britain and the British, respectively, by people outside the United Kingdom.

The other 5 constituent nations are Scotland (left 2014), Wales, Yorkshire-Northumbria, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey and The Rock of Gibraltar (annexed 2015).

Crown Dependencies

There are 4- Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Mann and the Territory of Shag Rocks, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Overseas dependencies

It has a few semi-attached ex-colonies like the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands (A better world TL) and Frisia (A better world TL).

Given its dominance and leading role in the establishment of the British Empire, many times England and the English are used as synonym of Great Britain and the British, respectively, by people outside the United Kingdom. The other 3 constituent nations are Gibraltar, Cornwall and Wales.

Gibraltar was annexed by the UK to pre-empt a mooted Spanish invasion in the October 2016. Gibraltar was devastated after the abortive October 2018 Spanish attack, which Portugal narrowly defeated  Spain with Moroccan help. Spain was kicked out of the EU and NATO because they did not like the use of nerve gas on the Rock.

The deaths were 500 Gibraltarians (275 gassed), 100 Spanish, 50 Portuguese, 17 British (5 gassed) and Morocco 5.


The economy is very diversified and the nation is very stable in economic terms. It is a major exporter of oil, natural gas, fish products, cheeses, wood products, beer, hand tools, powered machinery, plastic furniture and polypropylene piping. Tourism, banking, mobile phone production, heavy industries, car construction, cobbling, coal mining and light industry are also major industries.

It once ruled over several places and still has close ties with the former colonies like New Zealand (A better world TL) and New South Wales (A better world TL).

The 2012 EU Stock Slump (A better world TL) and the 2008 European 2008 European Toxic Debt Crisis (A better world TL) had only a minor effect.

It gained greatly in the struggle to replace the USA's lost production in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


2016 UK election result. (A better world TL)

2016 UK election result.

  • The party colours' hex-codes.
  1. 6AB023|Greens: 220 seats
  2. DC241F|Trades Unionist Labour: 125 seats (+2 Deputy Speakers)
  3. 0087DC|Conservatives and Unionists: 52 seats (+1 The Speaker)
  4. 93C572|Blairites: 42 seats
  5. FAA61A|Liberal Democrats: 32 seats
  6. 70147A|UK Independence Party: 12 seats
  7. 1132E9|Brexiteer Tory: 12 seats
  8. FB8B88|Labour for Europe: 7 seats
  9. DDDDDD|Independents: 5 seats
  10. 008142|Plaid Cymru: 4 seats
  11. D5C229|Mebyon Kernow : 1 seat
  12. FF99FF|Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern: 1 seat
  13. 2c67b2|Gibraltar Social Democrats: 1
Minor additions for me to the chart for tomorrow:

Pro-educatiom  #FFD800 1

Moiterists #5B92E5 1

Corbynistas #B22222 10

The SDP #7D26CD 3

The Liberals #ffd700 4

Yorkshire Party #00aeef 5

BNP #2e3b74 8


  1. NATO (A better world TL)
  2. EU (A better world TL)
  3. Inter-Australian trade forum (1955-1995) (A better world TL)
  4. 1992 Four Nations Free Trade Treaty