The timeline of The Warsaw Union has many different nations, but perhaps the weirdest one is a United Africa. A prosperous nation (as compared to OTL nations of Africa), it is regarded as the best decision ever made to form a united Africa.

File:African Union flag.svg

Establishment by NATO (1970)

NATO setup the United African Republic as to keep Communism out of the continent. The US (of course) particularly wanted a united democratic Africa, well the British were wary of the idea. Africans agreed that the only way they could prosper was to unite.

The Long Drought (1960s-1980s)

The long drought began shortly prior to the forming of the nation and was a major cause of union. The drought continued through the nation's birth and until the early '80s. The drought killed millions of Africans. Starting shortly after the drought however, Africa modernized at an amazing rate and was considered the last place to modernize on earth. This is basically the history of the nation as it is brief in comparison to this timeline.