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The two main areas of the United Kingdom; Britannia (orange) and The Netherlands (green) shown as their borders are presently. Historically Belgium, Parts of Germany (notably all of Hanover for a time), Calais and uncountable numbers of colonies had been part of The United Trinity. Although not visible, Gibraltar is considered an integral city of the Union.

The United Trinity, recently renamed to the United Kingdom of Britannia and The Netherlands (Known better as the United Kingdom, the United Trinity or the UKBTN) is a nation who's empire once stretched over every continent in the world. Presently the nation is considered a Secondary Power, not quite being considered worthy of the Great Power status it historically possessed. The current Queen of the nation is Elizabeth II, a very far removed descendant of William of Orange who established the nation on June 1st 1692 with the Treaty of the Union of London-Amsterdam-Edinburgh, resulting in what is considered the largest celebration in History, lasting months after the actual union and featured Johann Pachelbel live, all the way from Germany, playing Cannon in D at the ceremony that united the nation.

Early History after the Union (1692-1725) Edit

Upon uniting the nation promptly underwent major reforms; English and Dutch were to be the two official languages with Gaelic and Welsh being recognized minority languages. The United Trinity was admitted, as a whole, to the HRE, passed by a large majority vote, in 1698. Germanic influenced led to English being renamed to Anglish, with Anglutch being made a mutual language of Dutch and Anglish, used by the upper class typically. In 1702 William III (William of Orange) passed away. Afterward the Union underwent some tension, which was resolved in 1710 with the end of the Monarchy's full power within the nation. Rather, a Duma like group would represent the people's opinion and be allowed to override the Monarch's authority if necessary. This new government was deemed the first ever "Constitutional Monarchy". In 1711 Trinitian North America was reformed into the Thirteen Colonies, becoming the first "Dominion" of the colonial reach of the empire. This also formerly integrated New Amsterdam into the former British region of the colonies. Sweden, seeing no choice, gave up New Sweden under pressure from the United Trinity. In 1725 The Thirteen Colonies were given partial representation, in order to somewhat calm down the people who wanted representation.

1725-1800 Edit

The Thirteen Colonies are expanded West, leading to the 21 Colonies of North America being formally established.

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