Description Edit

The Council of Colonies is located in both London, England and Ottawa, Canada. The Council uses the location in Britain if Britain needs it's colonies or Associated Nations to help in a war or time of need. The one in Ottawa is for the colonies' and Associated Nations's* problems (*if urgent). The council's purpose is to make sure Colonies are treated well enough they will remain under the Sun of Britain, as without good treatment Britain knows it could lose it all; the days of the colonies just going with whatever Britain said have long been past. The council's last meeting (June 2016) was debating a law that would make the British not liable for colonies declaring wars if they lose, which was shot down by the colonies saying that was the whole point of the empire (to protect them).

Council of European Affairs Edit

The Council of European Affairs is a sub-council used to negotiate with the European Union, who the British are not part of in TTL (But Russia is in TTL). Deals are usually trade related, but occasionally military equipment and/or personnel are loaned to the EU via the Council.

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