What was the Cold War Edit

The Cold War was a collection of wars against Communist rebellions in Korea and the (early) Republic of China. These rebellions created a loose pact, The Shanghai Pact. The Shanghai Pact soon collapsed do to the Russian Republic and USA progressively crushing the rebellions.

The start of the Cold War (Korean War) Edit

Alternate korea

Flag of Communist forces in Korea.

The Cold War dawned in the late evening mist of WW2, when the Korean War began. The Korean War was the largest Cold War rebellion, and the closest to succeeding. In fact, although Nazi Germany was on her last dying breath, she funded Korea as much as possible. Just these funds alone were enough that the PRK had pushed Allied forces back to Busan where the battle of Busan ensued. Allied forces desperately fought, and did manage to secure the city a couple of days into the battle. This began the turn around in which the Allies successfully got Russia to also intervene and invade from the North, seemingly unopposed, then securing Rason under Allied control. North Korea unconditionally surrendered as soon as news broke. The Peace was signed on June 2nd, 1947.

End of the Cold War (Chinese Civil War) Edit

1000px-Flag of the Communist Party of Germany (reverse).svg

Flag of Communist forces in China.

The Chinese Communists had been eerily silent since the Interwar period, and pretty well just integrated into the Republic. That is, until 1947. In May, the Communists started firing on Nationalist troops. This turned into a sporadic gunfight in Shanghai. When the Communist Chinese took the city they signed a pact with the North Koreans, who were on their last leg and unknowingly being invaded by Russia. The Shanghai Pact was official for just over one month, before North Korea surrendered. The Chinese Communists surrendered on February 2nd 1948 after the Nationalists retook Shanghai.

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