The territory

Jagged Island (Graham Land) is located in Antarctica at 65°58′S 65°41′W and is uninhabited.


Jagged Island is an island 4 kilometres (2 nmi) long, lying 2 kilometres (1 nmi) east of Dodman Island and 15 kilometres (8 nmi) west of Ferin Head, off the west coast of Graham Land, Antarctica. It was probably first sighted in January 1909 by the French Antarctic Expedition under Jean-Baptiste Charcot, and was charted and named by the British Graham Land Expedition, 1934–37, under John Rymill. France laid an informal claim to it in 1945 and the UK made a counter-claim in 1947.

While various countries have asserted sovereignty, it is still administered under the Antarctic Treaty System.

Research stations

There was a small, and unwanted, Soviet automated weather station on the island between 19 65 and 1975. France had a similar one next to it between 1967 and 1987.


Under the Antarctic Treaty of 1958 (A better world TL), the islands' sovereignty is neither recognized nor disputed by the signatories and they are free for use by any signatory for non-military purposes.

Fish and seals

Fish and krill are plentiful and feed the Elephant seals, penguins, whales and sea skewers that live on the island. It is a nature reserve. There are no economically viable minerals reserves (copper, nickel and chromium) and no hydrocarbon fuel reserves.