Russian Empire (orthographic projection)

Map of the republic today, with recently gained, not traditional lands in bright green.

The Russian Republic was founded in 1917, with the collapse of the Russian Empire. In this timeline the Republic withdrew from WW1, leading to enough stability for it's survival. Today, the republic controls all of the empire's former lands, including Alyeska, which was not sold in this timeline. The republic has gained new lands over the years as well, including Mongolia, northern China and northern Persia (or Iran). With a population of nearly 225 million the Russian Republic is a highly populated nation. Russia's vodka has also been ranked #1 in the world and Russia's hockey team rivals even Canada's.


The Russian Republic was formed in 1917, near the end of WW1 with the collapse of the former Russian Empire. The people of Russia had enough of the Tsar's arrogance, as well as all the causalities piling up in WW1. So, the February revolution overthrew the former Tsar and established a new republic, which signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and pulled out of the war. The treaty did not cost Russia any land, however they had to make Poland a autonomous province and pay war reparations of over 100 million dollars, which was never paid do to the defeat of the Central Powers later the next year.

Failed October Revolution of 1917

Soviet New Russian Flag

Flag of Communist Forces Throughout Russia.

In October, 1917, some people who were not happy with the current government rose up in revolt, mainly in

Moscow. These people called themselves the Bolsheviks and declared themselves the "true leaders for the people". Although the small revolt didn't succeed, it showed that Russia would always have people unsatisfied with it's government.

Japanese-Russo War (1922-1923)

The Japanese wanted parts of Russia bordering Korea, which the republic refused to hand over. So, in June 1922, Japan declared war. The war would rage for just 1 year, with Russian forces successfully defending Russia's border with Korea. Japan would sue for peace in July, having lost over 50,000 troops in their attempts, with Russia losing a mere 1763 troops defending the border.

World War 2 (1939-1950)

The most destructive war in history began with the German Invasion of Poland in 1939. The difference in this timeline though is Poland is part of the Russian Republic and with the republic being a member of the allies this led to all the allies declaring war. The war would go in Germany's favor until 1947, when the Russians managed to start a push that would last 3 years and lead to a German surrender in 1950.

Cold War

Flag of Russia (1991-1993).svg

Flag of the Russian Republic, never changed since it's founding. Same as OTL Russian Federation flag of 1991-1993.

Russia played a key part in the Cold War against the PRC, North Korea and North Vietnam. With Russia on

the Democratic side, these rebellions collapsed very quickly. The Cold War in this timeline is much more small scale because of Russia being a republic.