Name- Republic of Poland.
Local name-Rzeczpospolita Polska.
Time line: A better world (TL).
OTL location: Poland less Farther Pomerania, Podlaskie Voivodeship and Lower Silesia, but plus Lviv Oblast.
Flag of Poland 80px
Flag. CoA.
Capital Warsaw.
Largest CityWarsaw. 
Other major settlements Kraków, Łódź, Poznań and Gdańsk.
Languages 96.85% Polish (1.5% Silezien), 0.18% German, 0.11% Ukrainian, 0.02% Belarusian, 0.04% Kashubian, 0.03% Romani, 0.02% Lemko and 2.75% other.
Leader -.
Deputy Leader ..
Head of parliament ..
Type of regime  ..
Name of national legislature ..
Area ..
Population 32,653,750.
Number of international airports 5.
Number of major ports 3.
State de facto formed 1915.
De facto Independence date 1915.
Independence de jure reconised on 1921.
Currency Polish Złoty (PLN or zł).
Motto .
Imports: .
Exports: .
Demonym .
Anthem  .
Ethnic groups 94.52% Polish (1.5% Silezien), 0.28% German, 0.21% Ukrainian, 0.12% Belarusian, 0.04% Kashubian, 0.03% Romani, 0.02% Lemko and 4.78% other.
Internet TLD: .
Highest mountain: .
Calling code: .
Number of military personnel: 250,000.
% Literacy: 98%.
Drives on the:Right.
National sport:.
National debt: .
GDP per capita (PPP): .
% Interest rates:.
% Inflation rates:.
Life expectancy in years:72.
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Warsaw city as seen from the International Space Station.

Warsaw Old Town Market Square 10

The Old Town Market Place, Warsaw, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Bochnia massacre German-occupied Poland 1939

Execution of Polish citizens in Bochnia during, 18 December 1939 after the German Occupation of Poland (1939–45).

19440712 soviet and ak soldiers vilnius

Soviet and Polish Armia Krajowa soldiers in Vilnius, July 1944.


Poznań 1956, Jan Kochanowski Street; people transporting one of the victims.



Life was less hard after the 1880 as the Kizer chose to help improve life in Posnan as an attempt to both curb local poverty and emergent nationalism. The German Kiezer had promised the Polish Territories, increased autonomy during 1912 in an attempt to undermine separatist and Marxist elements in the region. Initial plans were drafted in 1913, but were never acted upon due to more urgent issues happening in Germany.  

The Anti-Serbia War (1914-1918)

Russia joined the war on Austro-Hungary's side. There would also be a separate, but related war between Germany and Russia over the ownership of Poland and the Baltic States. Germany would get limited controle of all of them by early 1917, but face stiff local nationalist resistance in places. Many Poles from both Poland and Russia fled to Lithuania to escape the Germans, Russians and later the Bolsheviks.

The inter-war years

Russian Revolution (1917-1924)

The USSR and Poland tried to subvert each other in the 1920s. The economy fell into ruins between 1918 and 1938.

The Great Depression (1929-1940)

The economy fell into ruins between 1918 and 1938.

The Anti-Hitlerian War (1939-1946)

The German lead holocaust was horrific and killed 5,000,000 Polish citizens (including 2,250,000 Jews) in the nation.

Cold War

Texan agents would seek revenge on the USSR by bombing a pub in Warsaw frequented by a Soviet base in Poland on May 1st, 1977.


Life today



Crime and lawlessness

The Russian mafia (Russian: Bratva, English: The Brotherhood) is a criminal oganision and Russian Republican proxy that operates in the former USSR and all major world locations.

It has 8 min hubs:

  1. Moscow
  2. Ryzan
  3. St. Petersburg
  4. Yekaterinburg
  5. Odessa
  6. Tiblisi
  7. Warsaw
  8. New York

Solntsevskaya Bratva: Led by Sergei "Mikhas" Mikhailov, it is Russia's largest criminal group with about 5,000 members, and is named after the Solntsevo District. It was founded in the late 1980s. The Yeltsin government tried and failed to curb it and it grew under the protection of Vladimir Putin.

Prussian, Ukrainian, Polish, Tsarist Russian and American authorities oppose them, but have had little succses against them.



The 2012 EU Stock Slump (A better world TL) and the 2008 European 2008 European Toxic Debt Crisis (A better world TL) badly damaged economy until 2017.



  1. Warsaw Pact (1951-1995) (A better world TL)
  2. ComEcon (1950-1995) (A better world TL)
  3. NATO (A better world TL)
  4. EU (A better world TL)