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Name- .
Time line: Those alternate Balkan states
OTL location: .
120px 80px
. .
Capital Skopje.
Largest City Thessaloniki (or Salonika).
Other major settlements Kavala.
Languages Macedonian, Greek, Albanian, Turkish, Romani, Serbian and Bulgarian.
President Gjorge Ivanov.
Vice President Emil Dimitriev (interim).
Head of parliament Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha.
Type of regime  .
Name of national legislature .
Area .
Population 5,500,000.
Number of international airports .2
Number of major ports .2
State de facto formed .
De facto Independence date .
Independence de jure reconised on .
Currency .
Religions .
Motto .
Imports: .
Exports: .
Demonym .Macedonian
Anthem  .
Ethnic groups .
Internet TLD: .
Calling code: .
Number of military personnel: 8,500
% Literacy: .98%
Drives on the:.Right
National sport:Soccer.
Those alternate Balkan states TL Balkans map

Those alternate Balkan states TL locator map.


The Republic of  


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