Name- Republic of Liberia
Local name- Republic of Liberia
Time line: A better world (TL)
OTL location: Liberia.
Flag of Liberia 80px
Flag . CoA .
Capital Monrovia.
Largest CityMonrovia.
Other major settlements Buchanan, River Cass, Greenville and Harper.
Languages American English, African American Vernacular English, Liberian Kreyol, Merico and Liberian English.
Leader President George Weah.
Deputy Leader Vice President Jewel Taylor.
Head of parliament Speaker of the House Bhofal Chambers.
Type of regime  Unitary presidential republic.
Name of national legislature Legislature of Liberia.
Area 111,369 km2 (43,000 sq mi).
Population 4,575,000.
Number of international airports 1.
Number of major ports 3.
State de facto formed 1847.
De facto Independence date 1857.
Independence de jure reconised on 1862.
Currency Liberian dollar (LRD).
ReligionsChristianity (85.6%), Islam (12.2%), Others (2.2%).
Motto "The Love Of Liberty Brought Us Here".
Imports: Powered and unpowered machinery, steel, plasics, manganese, vanadium, shipbuilding equipment, metalerical equipment, mining equipment, meat, cearials, fuel, electronic data processing equipment and off-road vehicles.
Exports: Tourist sites, iron ore, barbed wire, crude oil, tyers, natural rubber, ship registering, steel rope, sand, cruse ships, fishing boats, gravel and canned fruit products.
Demonym Liberian.
Anthem  All Hail, Liberia, Hail! 
Ethnic groups 20.3% Kpelle, 13.4% Bassa, 10.6% Americo-Liberian, 10.0% Grebo, 8.0% Gio, 7.9% Mano, 6.0% Kru, 5.1% Lorma, 4.8% Kissi and 4.4% Gola.
Internet TLD: Lr.
Highest mountain: Mount Wuteve (known as Mount Wologizi among locals of the Loma tribe.), Lofa- 1,440 m.
Calling code: +231.
Number of military personnel: 125,000.
% Literacy: 98%.
Drives on the:Right.
National sport:Football.
National debt: £2.2bn
GDP per capita (PPP): $958.
% Interest rates:24.5%.
% Inflation rates:25.5%.
Life expectancy in years:65.
Downtown Monrovia 3348917715 67a2002529

The streets of downtown Monrovia, March 2009.



It was set up by freed American slaves in the middle of the 19th Century.

The Anti-Serbia War (1914-1918)

They remained neutral in it.

The inter-war years

The Great Depression (1929-1940)

The economy slumped badly for 5 years.

The Anti-Hitlerian War (1939-1946)

They remained neutral in it, but smuggled some rubber supplies to the Allied forces via Quebec.

Cold War

It was a Western alie. When William R. Tolbert Jr. was killed in a coup d'état led by Samuel Doe in the April of 1980, the Western nations invaded Liberia and set up an interim civilian regime, pending an election, which never came due to various tribal conflicts.


Amos Sawyer ruled from November 22, 1990 to March 7, 1994, with Western help. Gyude Bryant ruled from October 14, 2003 to January 16, 2006, also with Western help.

The 1990s saw an uprising by Charles Taylor in the December of, 1989, and by Prince Y. Johnson in the September of 1990. NATO and ECOMOG forces did battle and defeated them, with Charles Taylor being blown up in Monrovia by an ECOMOG tank during 1995. Prince Johnson was jailed in Abuja from 1996 to 2012 for rebellion and murder.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the ruled freely until she was replaced in 2018 with George Weah as a result of the nation's first democratic elections since the western invasion.

Life today

The Ebola Outbreak of 2014 was quickly dealt with by the WHO, ECOWAS and Liberian government. It was under control in 6 months and died out with 18 months.


Mount Nimba is a 1,752 meter high iron ore mountain with the highest grade iron deposit in the world. It is on the border of on the border of Ivory Coast, Liberia and Guinea and surrounded by a major UNESC sponsored nature reserve. Tourisum, iron ore, ship registering, ship building, rubber, sand and fruit industry are major industries to. The Freeport of Monrovia registers about 10–15% of the world's shipping.

The post-2016 drop in oil prices (A better world TL) hit the country's small oil industry badly.


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