The Attempted Revolution Edit

Soviet New Russian Flag

Flag of Communist Forces Throughout Russia.

The October Revolution was an unsuccessful coup in the then new Russian Republic which's main objective was the forming of a united Communist Russia, overthrowing the forces of the Republic and establishing a RFSR. The revolution was by far most popular and effective in Moscow. It was rare to see Communist revolutionaries in Petrograd in particular, seeing around 250 people arrested for "attempted vandalism". The Republic, already loosely united as it was, did see many people, particularly in Siberia and Alyeska attempt to restore the monarchy; these events are considered a part of the October Revolution, just with separate goals.

Post-revolution effects Edit

The effects of the October Revolution were simply the failure of Communism as a viable system of government. However, small (a few hundred people each) revolutions in Asia and Germany would sprout up shortly after the October Revolution. Ultimately this would lead to a Cold War that went on and off for years in Asia where the people were particularly rowdy. The leaders of the revolution, Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, were all arrested and charged of Treason. Lenin would be executed by firing squad on June 3rd 1918, Stalin would hang himself on June 5th 1918, shortly before he was to be killed, and Trotsky escaped and was never found. Ultimately above all the revolution proved that Communism would never succeed in a real nation.

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