Name- Republic of Louisiana and Orleans.
Local name- République de Louisiane et Orléans.
Timeline: A better world (TL).
OTL location: Territory of Orleans and the Neutral Ground of the Sabine Free State.
Flag of Louisiana (A better world (TL)) 80px
Flag. CoA .
Capital New Orleans.
Largest CityNew Orleans.
Other major settlements Baton Rouge, Shreveport and Lafayette.
Languages French 88.26% (incl. Cajun and Creole), American English 8%, Spanish 2.15%, African American Vernacular English 1.01% and Vietnamese 0.58%.
Leader Billy Nungesser.
Deputy Leader Desirée Rogers.
Head of parliament Lurita Alexis Doan.
Type of regime  Parlementry democracy.
Name of national legislature The Peoples' National Direcotrate.
Area -.
Population 5,754,000.
Number of international airports 2.
Number of major ports 2.
State de facto formed 1804.
De facto Independence date 1854 (home rule) and 1874 (full indipendence as a republic).
Independence de jure reconised on 1874.
Currency Louisiana Franc (pegged to the American Dollar).
ReligionsCatholic 57%, Protestant 26%, No religion 12%, Jehovah's Witness 1%, Other Christian 1%, Louisiana Voodoo 1%, Buddhist 1% and Other faiths 1%.
Motto Union, Justice, Confidence.
Imports: Oil refining equipment, steel, hi-tech equipment, fertilizer, electrical data processing machines and powered machinery.
Exports: Automobiles, light aircraft, crude oil, plastics, petrochemicals, freight ship, tourism sites, granulated sugar, satellite dishes and telephones are the major industries.
Demonym Louisianan or Louisianian.
Anthem  -.
Ethnic groups African Louisianan (African American) 41%, French 28.26%, Coloureds 17.78% White American 8.5%%, Spanish 3.30%, Vietnamese 0.50% and Native American 0.51%.
Internet TLD: Rlo.
Highest mountain: Driskill Mountain, 535 ft (163 m).
Calling code: +1667
Number of military personnel: 125,000.
% Literacy: 98%.
Drives on the:Right.
National sport:Baseball, football (both American and Soccer), pétanque, boules and ice hockey.
National debt: £2.5bn
GDP per capita (PPP): $45,992.
% Interest rates:2.5%
% Inflation rates:2.56%



The territory was discovered by the French who found a colony in the mouth of the Mississippi River, before going inland along the course of thee Mississippi over the following years.

The 1811 German Coast Uprising was one of the largest in North American History.

The Louisiana Purchase was not compleat and France retained the Territory of Orleans and then the Neutral Ground of the Sabine Free State was added to it in 1821.

Most slaves were freed in the 1850s, but extreme segregation, a local form of Apartheid, Jim Crow type laws and racism continued until the 1950s.

It was officially neutral in the American Civil War, but many Whites volunteered for the Confederate side. The bloodstained New Orleans Massacre of 1866 occurred on July 30, as pro-American sympathisers whipped up the fires of racial hatred and caused a White on Black riot in the hope that the country could be established prior to a planned US take over.

The Anti-Serbia War (1914-1918)Edit

They stayed neutral in it.

The Great Depression (1929-1940)Edit

The economy collapsed for 12 years, until protectionist, welfare and public works measures were brought in until the economy was back in order. It took a $1,000,000 aid grant from the USA in 1939 and 1940.

The Anti-Hitlerian War (1939-1946)Edit

Louisiana joined the war on the French side after Germany invaded France.

Cold WarEdit

It was a Western allie and had its own version of Mccarthyism in the 1950s. Their version of Apartheid collapsed in the 1970s in the face of protests, by all races, against racism and the KKK. It became a multicultural state in 1985 and constitution enumerated "the right of the people to preserve, foster and promote their respective historic, linguistic, and cultural origins."

Life todayEdit


Bourbon Street, New Orleans, in 2003, looking towards Canal Street.

An American supremacist thug stabbed a Bulgarian, Quebecquar, Louisianan and Canadian spectator at the Atlanta NASCAR track in 2001.

There was a purge of racist and corrupt cops in 2002.

Hurricane Katrina was an extremely destructive and deadly tropical cyclone that is tied with Hurricane Harvey of 2017 as the costliest tropical cyclone on record. Katrina was also one of the costliest natural disasters and one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States ( $125 billion (2005 USD)). As Katrina made landfall, its front right quadrant, which held the strongest winds, slammed into Gulfport, Mississippi, devastating it. The Gulf Coast was devastated all the way from Texas to Florida.

An American supremacist thug shot 2 ibis, a park ranger and and 7 egrets for the hell of it south of New Orleans during mid 2008. He was hung in Baton Rouge soon afterwards.

There was a purge of the remaining corrupt cops in 2011.


Automobiles, light aircraft, oil, petrochemicals, plastics, ship building, suggar, tourism and telecommunications are the major industries.

Tourism is a hot trade in New Orleans the Bayous. The Bayous contain a rich southern biota; typical examples include birds such as ibis and egrets. There are also many species of tree frogs, and fish such as sturgeon and paddlefish. In more elevated areas, fire is a natural process in the landscape, and has produced extensive areas of longleaf pine forest and wet savannas. These support an exceptionally large number of plant species, including many species of orchids and carnivorous plants.


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