Name- Grenada.
Local name- Grenada (English), La Grenade (French).
Timeline: A better world (TL).
OTL location: Grenada.
Flag of Grenada 80px
Flag . CoA . 
Capital St. George's.   
Largest City..     
Other major settlements ..    
Languages   English, Grenadian Creole English and Grenadian Creole French. 
Leader .. 
Deputy Leader ..
Head of parliament ..
Type of regime .. 
Name of national legislature ..
Area 348.5 km2 (134.6 sq mi) .
Population 95,000. 
Number of international airports 1. 
Number of major ports 0.
State de facto formed .
De facto Independence date .
Independence de jure reconised on .
Currency Cuban Peso (CUP) and Convertible Pesoa (CUC).
Motto "Ever Conscious of God We Aspire, Build and Advance as One People".
Imports: .
Exports: .
Demonym .
Anthem  Hail Grenada.
Ethnic groups .
Internet TLD: .
Highest mountain: .
Calling code: .
Number of military personnel: .
% Literacy: 98.95%.
Drives on the:.
National sport:.
National debt: .
GDP per capita (PPP): .
% Interest rates:.
% Inflation rates:.
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An aerial photo of the capital, St George's.


The Anti-Serbia War (1914-1918)Edit

Nothing notable happened. It stayed neutral like the UK did.

The inter-war yearsEdit

The Great Depression (1929-1940)Edit

There was a sharp decline in exports for about 2 years.

The Anti-Hitlerian War (1939-1946)Edit

It joined the war in the UK did.

Cold WarEdit

Independence came in 1974. On October 19, 1983, Bernard Coard and his wife Phyllis, backed by the Grenadian Army, led a coup against the government of Maurice Bishop and placed Bishop under house arrest. Maurice Bishop was executed and the USA.

The overthrow of a moderate government by one which was strongly pro-communist worried the administration of US President Ronald Reagan. Particularly worrying was the presence of Cuban construction workers and military personnel who were building a 10,000-foot (3,000 m) airstrip on Grenada.

Bishop had stated the purpose of the airstrip was to allow commercial jets to land, but US military analysts argued that the only reason for constructing such a long and reinforced runway was so that it could be used by heavy military transport planes. The contractors, American and European companies, and the EEC, which provided partial funding, all claimed the airstrip did not have military capabilities.

With in days of the coup 100 Soviet and 1,000 Cuban troops had been sent to the island.

With in days after Reagan's criticisms 20 more Soviet troops were infiltrated into Grenada. The American invasion of 25–29 October 1983 ended in a stalemate after the small Soviet air arm (5 Mikoyan MiG-29 air superiority fighter, multirole fighters and 1 Mikoyan MiG-29 interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft) shot down 3 UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters and a A VA-87 A-7E attack aircraft.

Peace talks were held in Canada, but it only lead to the removal of the Soviet and Cuban forces prior to the 5 year blockade of all arms and technology shipments to the island.




Life todayEdit

The New National Party and National Democratic Congress run a joint transitional regime that took over when Bernard Coard retired, shortly after his cuban mentor, Dr Fidel Castro, had died of old age.

Grenada never wanted, and still doesn't want atomic arms as a matter of principle.


It's not called the Spice Island for nothing – you really can smell the nutmeg in the air on Grenada. And it could be called the Fruit Island for the luscious bounty growing in the green hills.



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