Establishment (Buildup to 2nd Civil War & the 2nd Civil War)

Tensions in the South had been rebuilding since the first Civil War, many Southerners were unhappy that the USA had annexed them on their first try. So, on January 21st 1920 the GCSA began with 3 states: Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Texas secedes on February 3rd 1920 but wants to become the Second Republic of Texas. On June 7th 1920 the British Empire (including Dominions) and the new Alyeska Republic officially (in the case of the British) & unofficially (in the case of Alyeska) recognize the GCSA. This outrages Americans who figured Britain was done with imperialist ideas about America (as during WW1 and even shortly thereafter the two had grown closer together). The British had another idea though; they wanted the Caribou region of Maine back. The USA decides another Civil War is not worth it and they sign treaties. The treaties are as follow:

  • Treaty of New England

The British demand Caribou and the USA reluctantly accepts. Britain decides they will pay a laughable (obviously a giant middle finger to the USA) $5000 for the region.

  • Treaty of Richmond

- The USA will give the GCSA full independence

- The USA will give the GCSA all claimed regions (same regions as claimed by CSA in 1860's + Delaware + Maryland (including Washington D.C) and the Delaware Bay Area in New Jersey) (Yes the British were there to ensure US "cooperation")

- The USA will not arm bordering regions of either the Dominion of Canada (which is what Caribou was ceded to) or the GCSA

These treaties were made official on January 12th 1921 by which time they were pretty well official anyway as the GCSA's citizens were already celebrating their independence. The Delaware Bay Region goes from just a few dozen people to a few thousand as people from all over the south flood in and the same occurs in New Mexico and Arizona. The Southern accent (and drawl) are soon seen from Florida (who's accent was starting to fade) to the Delaware Bay Region of New Jersey (or the Delaware Bay State as southerners called it) and even somewhat in the western states of New Mexico & Arizona.

File:Flag of Mississippi.svg

The Great Depression

In 1928 the stock market crashed and this led to the GCSA not being able to survive. On August 12th 1933 the GCSA asked the USA to re annex them. This ended the short life of the nation. The USA would demand the British give them back Caribou and the British decide they have worse things going on (ya know, colonies collapsing, empire collapsing etc.) so they just give it back. Everything from here is as in OTL. The Southern Accent begins receding again (just like in OTL).