Note: Friedrich Anchin is a fictional character. Any similarities and/or the same name as someone in real life is pure coincidence. In this timeline he is the last living veteran of WW1.


Friedrich was born on a farm in Bavaria on July 12th 1900 and worked on the farm until the outbreak of WW1. His brother died in 1914 on the Eastern Front making Friedrich ready to enlist as soon as he could.

World War 1

In 1916 Friedrich enlisted at 16 and joined the 3rd Bavarian Group (troops + artillery) and served for the Federation on the Western Front until the end of the war in 1919. He was at Passchendaele in late 1917. He survived the war and went back to the farm where his father had died a few months before the end of the war.

Interwar Period

Friedrich lived on the farm with his mother between the wars and got married in 1921. He had his first (and only) child, a son named Kriss in 1925. When Hitler took over the Weimar Republic and it became Nazi Germany, Friedrich was rather indifferent to the new nation.

World War 2

Friedrich re enlisted in the 3rd Bavarian Group at the outbreak of WW2 and became a General in mid 1940. His son enlisted in 1942 and he trained his own son. Both father and son survived World War 2, although Kriss was wounded in the thigh and knee on one leg from shrapnel.

Post-WW2 & the rest of Friedrich's life

Friedrich's son Kriss married in 1946 after returning from WW2. The wedding was done early so that his wife could see her son get married as she was terminally ill with Cancer. Friedrich's wife passed away in early 1948. Friedrich's grandson, Aristoff, was born in 1951 and fought in the German Civil War where he died. However Aristoff left his own child, a daughter named Ada, who was born four months after his death. Both Friedrich & Kriss were devastated by Aristoff's death, but both honored him at his funeral. The new Communist regime irritated Friedrich, but he put up with it, that is until the 1983 revolution, where he (and his son) served and somehow survived. He died peacefully in his sleep on June 23rd 1998 at 98 years of age, the last World War 1 vet alive anywhere in the world. His son Kriss attended a ceremony honoring Friedrich. Kriss died on February 12th 2003 at the age of 78. Ada honors them annually at the Veteran Ceremony, an annual ceremony in the German Federation that honors Veterans from all wars from WW1 on.