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In this timeline Trump wins the 2016 election and deals with terrorists economic problems etc. He legalities for endless turns in office. 

The eraEdit

2016 Edit

November 8th: Donald J. Trump wins his first term as president (R 46%, D 33%, Grn 11%, CP5% and LP5%).

2020 Edit

November 3rd: Donald J. Trump wins his second term as president  (R 48%, LP 29% and D23%).

2024 Edit

November 5th: Donald J. Trump wins his third term as president  (R 58%, D 27% and LP 15%).

2028 Edit

November 7th: Donald J. Trump wins his fourth term as president  (R 64% CP 33% and LP 3%).

2032 Edit

November 2nd: Donald J Trump wins his fifth and final term as president (R 67%, Grn 26% and LP 7%).


He retiered due to old age.

Also seeEdit

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