United Kingdom

Civil Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg

Flag of British Empire excluding Dominions. Replaced Union Jack in the British Flag Debate of 1875, which occurred do to colonies wanting more representation.

The UK Is not a Dominion, however it is the owner of the Dominions. It is home to almost 65 million people on the mainland, and (with certain self-governing measures for said areas) millions of Africans under it's colonies. It is the leader of it's empire.

(Dominion of) Canada

Canadian Red Ensign (1957-1965).svg

Latest variant of the Flag of the Dominion of Canada, in use from 1957-present.

The most independent of the Dominions, Canada is one of Britain's most prized colonies. Canada has a vast history under the empire. From the war of 1812 to today Canada has always been their for her motherland. Some would say Canada is secretly the British's favorite colony. Home to over 36 million people, it may not be all that populous, but it's healthcare system is the standard across the empire.

Commonwealth of Australia

Flag of Australia (converted).svg

Flag of the Commonwealth of Australia 1908-present.

Another prized Dominion, colloquially called the Britain of the south, Australia is home to nearly 25 million people, most of whom live on it's shores. Home to many poisonous species, Australia has somehow managed to get along with nature.

Dominion of New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand.svg

Flag of Dominion of New Zealand. Used from 1933-present.

Lots of farming, originally meant to be part of Australia. Home to indigenous Maori people. Not much exciting.

The Raj

Also known as India, the Raj consists of OTL India, Pakistan and Burma. The Raj did exist in OTL, however it collapsed. In this timeline it is still around today, albeit with much internal conflict. It's home to around 1.4 billion of the empire's citizens.


Flag of The Raj, from it's founding-present it's flag has not changed.


Newfoundland has a fish and seafood based economy and is home to just over 500,000 people. Least populous Dominion on the planet, however a slightly larger economy then Australia's. Considered joining Canada 3 separate times, all 3 times, however, the referendum lost by a narrow margin.

175px-Dominion of Newfoundland Red Ensign.svg

Flag of Dominion of Newfoundland.

Dominion of The Middle East

Flag of Iraq (1921–1959).svg

Flag of Dominion of Middle East, used since it's founding in 1921. Only Dominion who's flag does not contain the Union Jack.

Formed in 1921, The Dominion of The Middle east has a lot of oil and natural resources. It is a Dominion with some self-governance, but not to the same extent as most others.