The Associated Nations of The British Empire (or, informally, just Associated Nations) are nations usually completely independent of the British, however some are still technically Dominions, well others are allies and generally smaller trade partners. These nations do not include the USA, ect. as they are too powerful to want/need to associate with the British. These nations that are associated are as follows (in no particular order):

Ceylon Edit

British Ceylon flag.svg

National Flag of Ceylon, in use since 1895.

Ceylon, formerly British Ceylon, is an associated nation that is also technically a Dominion, and used as such on maps of the empire, but is in all practicality independent. It was also briefly a part of British India from 1848-1853, before becoming the first British Dominion in late 1853. The Ceylon Accords of 1895 gave Ceylon the name Ceylon, dropping the British part of the name and also making Ceylon a "fully autonomous Dominion still part of the British Empire". It's important to note "fully autonomous" meant pretty well full independence, just as a part of the empire in the eyes of the British.

South Africa Edit

Flag of South Africa (1928-1994).svg

Flag of South Africa since independence in 1928.

After the Final Boer War of 1899-1902, South African tensions reached a new peak. Although South Africa was previously home to just over half of the British's African population, it was decided to let it go. After years of trying to delay independence, and then a world war, in 1928 The British passed the South Africa Act, allowing South Africa's full independence from the empire, though they chose to do so as an associated nation. It's important to note this timeline's South Africa also includes Swaziland and Lesotho. South Africa today is the most developed nation in all of Africa. South Africa for some reason likes to stay on the Empire's map, as do most Associated Nations, to which the British are only to happy to oblige as it makes them seem as powerful as ever.

Texan Republic Edit

Texas 1836 julius

First ever map of the Texan Republic, today the borders are still the same as they were then.

The Texan Republic proposed becoming an associated nation in 1931, and was almost immediately accepted. Unlike other Associated Nations Texas likes it's independence on Maps, and does not include itself on maps of the British Empire. Texas is the UK's largest independent trade partner. Texas is also a key Ally of the British Empire and the two are very close diplomatically.

New England Edit

Possible Vermont

Flag of the 13 states of New England in use since 1931. The big star in the middle is for Vermont who was the first to peacefully leave the Union.

New England is another key ally of the British. New England gained independence from the USA diplomatically and peacefully during the first year of the Great Depression of 1929-1939. The flag was originally this until 1931. New England is fully sovereign, however became an Associated Nation in 1952, the last nation to do so. New England, the UK and Texas together form the Associate Alliance between the 3 nations.

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