It was created by the 1941 Anglo-French treaty of Paris. 4 more nations joined in 1942. It has a space program, is also something like OTL EU and has the additional purpose of imposing Europeans' global safety above all and the general social progress of the European culture.

Finland left in 1945 and it became moribund that year. Denmark fell in 194. The Dutch and Yugoslavia joined in 1946.

The Dutch reaffirmed their membership in 1956 and reactivate it amongst the remaining members with the Treaty of Utrecht. Greece joined at the reactivation ceremony. 

The member nations.
Nation. Year of joining. Year of leaving.
France 1941 -
UK "  -
Belgium 1942 -
Portugal " -
Finland " 1945
Denmark " Conquered by Nazi Germany 1945-1950
Yugoslavia 1946 -
Dutch Empire 1946 -
Greece 1956.6 -
Israel 1966 (observer) -
Lithuania 1967 (observer) 1969
Austria  1969 -
Neautal Lapland 1979 (observer) -

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